Prayer in the style of Taizé - The Season of Pentecost, 2020

During this time of national sheltering and because your health and safety are important to us, until further notice the Threshold will not gather at the church on Sundays. On Sunday, July 5 at 5pm, you are invited to pray from home, following this order of service and using the audio and video clips to sing in a Taize style. Even though we cannot see each other, through our intent we can be with each other in community.

Prayer in the Style of The Taizé Community
The Threshold - Denver, CO

With audio clips from the community in France and video clips of Brad singing selected songs with friends at the Peace Cathedral in Tbilisi, The Republic of Georgia.


At the Taize community in France, participants sing in many languages during the week-long program. At the Threshold, we continue that globally-focused tradition. You may want to print this order of service to follow the English words for the songs in other languages.


A Song            See, I Am Near


                               Come, Holy Spirit, and kindle the flame of your love.


You are invited to light candles as signs of your intentions and prayers.


A Song            Tu sei sorgente viva


Tu sei sorgente viva, Tu sei fuoco, sei carità.
Vieni Spirito Santo, Vieni Spirito Santo!

Lord, you are living water
You are light and fire, you are love.
Come, Holy Spirit, Come, Holy Spirit.


A Psalm        Psalm 45:11-18   RCL Year A – July 5, 2020  


A Song         Dieu ne peut que donner son amour


God can only give faithful love,
Tenderness and forgiveness.
Bless the Lord O my soul,
And all that is within me,
His Holy name
God ever caring
God ever caring.
Bless the Lord O my soul,
And do not forget God's good deeds.
God who forgives us
God who forgives us.
God can only give faithful love,
Tenderness and forgiveness.


Lectio Sacra   Prospective Immigrants Please Note  by Adrienne Rich   


A Song                     Nada te turbe 


The Gospel     Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30  RCL Year A -  July 5, 2020  


Silence           8 minutes


A call to prayer               Kyrie Eleison 


Responding and Deepening    You are invited to offer spoken intercessions


Conclude your spoken prayers with this unison prayer by Brother Alois of Taize: 

God of love, as we remain in your presence, you enable us to grasp the infinite beauty of what you have created, of all that comes from you, of your inexhaustible compassion. You increase our attentiveness to others and to all creation. Teach us to discover the value of everything and make us bearers of peace in the human family. Amen


Song               Il Signore ti ristora


Il Signore ti ristora. Dio non allontana
Il Signore viene ad incontrarti, viene ad incontrarti


God's love will restore us

God never will reject us

Our God rises up to meet us

Always comes to meet us


Closing Prayer 

A Song     
Ubi Caritas


Ubi caritas et amor

Ubi cartias Deus ibi est


Where charity and love are, God is there.