Prayer in the style of Taizé – February 28, 2021


During this time of national sheltering and because your health and safety are important to us, until further notice the Threshold will not gather at the church on Sundays. On Sunday, February 28 at 5pm, you are invited to pray from home, following this order of service and using the audio and video clips to sing in a Taize style. Even though we cannot see each other, through our intent we can be with each other in community.


Prayer in the Style of The Taizé Community
The Threshold - Denver, CO

With audio clips from the community in France and video clips of Brad singing selected songs with friends at the Peace Cathedral in Tbilisi, The Republic of Georgia.


At the Taize community in France, participants sing in many languages during the week-long program. At the Threshold, we continue that globally-focused tradition. You may want to print this order of service to follow the English words for the songs in other languages.


Second Sunday in Lent - 2021



A Song             Veni Sancte Spiritus

Come Holy Spirit

(You are invited to light candles as signs of your intentions and prayers.)


A Psalm        Psalm 22:22-30    RCL Year B – February 28, 2021

A Song           Misericordias Domini 


Misericordias Domini, in aeternum cantabo

I will sing forever of the
Mercies of the Lord


The Epistle   Romans 4:13-25    RCL Year B – February 28, 2021


Song      De Noche Iremos

By night we hasten in darkness to seek for the living water. Only our thirst lights us onward.


The Gospel     Mark 8:31-38  RCL Year B – February 28, 2021


Song    Jesu le Christ


Christ Jesus, inner light, do not let my darkness speak to me.
Christ Jesus, inner light, enable me to welcome your love.


Silence           8 minutes


A call to prayer      Kyrie Eleison  (Lord have mercy)    


Responding and Deepening    You are invited to offer spoken intercessions


A response to prayer   Kyrie Eleison  (Lord have mercy) 

Unison Prayer  (Speak these words by Brother Alois of Taize)


Holy Spirit, in our trials you are our strength, in difficulties you inspire us to persevere. Give us a heart that is able to discern good from evil, a heart that does not judge but that understands others.


Song          Señor, Que Florezca Tu Justicia

Señor, que florezca tu justicia, y tu paz empape la tierra. O Dios, que florezca tu justicia, y se llene nuestra vida de ti.


Lord, may your justice flourish and your peace inundate the earth. O God, may your justice flourish and may our lives be filled by you.


Closing Prayer (Speak these words aloud.)

God of every human being, keep us from digging “cracked cisterns that do not hold the living water.” We want to entrust ourselves to you, surrendering to you our worries and our entire lives. 


A Song        In Manus Tuas  


In Manus tuas Pater, comendo spiritus meum


Into your hands Father, I commit my spirit