From the service on January 15, 2012


Coming Home

--Betsy Caprio and Thomas M. Hedberg, "A Map for the Journey,"in Coming Home, A Handbook for Exploring the Sanctuary Within


   The home we have lost? Were we there before?

   When the first Christians, standing by the cross, hear Jesus' words abaout Paradise—the home to which he was going—they understood. Their tradition contained an earlier Paradise. The idea of Paradise regained is much more potent than the idea of Paradise the first time around.

   And when the evangelist spoke and wrote of a new Jerusalem, those who heard him understood with special empathy; the hunger for a Jerusalem that would last was so compelling precisely because there had been an earlier Jerusalem—more than one, in fact.

   The home which has been lost and which we have new hope of finding, is the most longed-for home of all.

   So it is with us. We know how deeply the images of


                               HOME and COMING HOME

reach into us and resonate. They may stand for the house of our childhood, yes, but far more they stand for an inner home where we once lived.

   Many of us have this sort of spiritual déjà vu.

           It's as though we once knew the peaceable kingdom,

                              had lived in the garden of love,

                    had tasted the spring of abundant water.

                                        Well. . . . we did.

We have this nostalgia for a lost inner home because we really did once live there.