Prayer in the style of Taizé - July 18


During the remainder of 2021, the Threshold will gather at the church for in-person prayer on the first Sunday of each month. The other Sundays, you are invited to join us here for a virtual online prayer.


On Sunday, July 18 at 5pm, you are invited to pray from home, following this order of service and using the audio and video clips to sing in a Taize style.


Prayer in the Style of The Taizé Community
The Threshold - Denver, CO

With audio clips from the community in France and video clips of Brad singing selected songs with friends at the Peace Cathedral in Tbilisi, The Republic of Georgia.


At the Taize community in France, participants sing in many languages during the week-long program. At the Threshold, we continue that globally-focused tradition. You may want to print this order of service to follow the English words for the songs in other languages.


Season of Pentecost - July 18, 2021



A Song         Tui Amoris Ignem   


Come, Holy Spirit, and kindle the flame of your love.


A Song         Let all who are thirsty


A Psalm        Psalm 89:20-37    RCL Year  B – July 18, 2021    


New Song       Spritus Jesu Christi  


May the spirit of Jesus Christ, the spirit of love, strengthen your heart


The Letters     Ephesians 2:11-22    RCL Year  B – July 18, 2021


A Song           Christe Lux Mundi 


Christe, lux mundi, qui sequitur te,
habebit lumen vitae lumen vitae


Christ, light of the world,
those who follow you have the light of life.  


The Gospel    Mark 6:30-34, 53-56     RCL Year B - July 18, 2021

Silence           8 minutes


A call to prayer     Kyrie Eleison


Lord have mercy

Christ have mercy


Responding and Deepening    You are invited to offer spoken intercessions


A response to prayer   Kyrie Eleison


Lord have mercy

Christ have mercy

Conclude your spoken prayers by speaking this prayer from Brother Roger of Alois.


Christ Jesus, you promised us the joy that lasts. Constantly you send us the Holy Spirit. And so we are not left to rely on our own strength, but starting with the little that we have, sometimes with nearly nothing, a generosity can blossom in our lives.


A Song        Ubi Caritas 


Ubi caritas et amor

Ubi cartias Deus ibi est


Where charity and love are, God is there.


A Song           My Peace I give you



Join us in person at Calvary on Sunday, August 1 at 5pm